UV Lamps & Quartz Sleeves

Find the UV lamp or quartz sleeve you need for your KingLight, Pentek, Luminor Blackcomb, or Watts UV system. Make sure your water filter maintenance is up-to-date by replacing the UV lamp at the required intervals.

UV water filters require very little in the way of maintenance – changing the UV lamp is akin to changing a light bulb. Apart from the periodic lamp replacement, sometimes, you may also need to replace the UV quartz sleeve that houses the lamp. Lime-scale and high levels of iron or manganese in water may make the quartz sleeve dirty with time, so you either need to clean it or replace it. UV lamps are fragile, so make sure you handle them with care when replacing them. It’s best not to touch the glass part of the lamp with your hands and wear gloves if you do to avoid leaving marks on the lamp. Generally, UV bulbs have a service life of 12 months or 9000 hours. You should never use the lamps for more than the recommended period as they will no longer efficiently sanitise water. Because these systems are used primarily to deal with microbiological issues, failing to replace the ultraviolet lamp at the required intervals will compromise the quality of your water.

At WaterFilterShop.co.uk, we strive to provide all the necessary replacement parts for your UV purification system, whether you need an UV bulb, a quartz sleeve or an UV pre-filter.

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