UV Pre-Filtration Systems

Increase your ultraviolet water filter system’s efficiency with an UV pre-filtration system! While UV water filters are the best at dealing with microbiological problems, unfortunately ultraviolet light intensity and exposure times are not the only things that determine the effectiveness of this water purification method. Apart from disease-causing bacteria, your private well water or municipal tap water can also contain sediments, UV light absorbing compounds, debris or dirt that may shield bacteria and block UV lights from reaching their target. Because of this, pre-filters are an indispensable element of UV water filters.

While some systems may come already equipped with a sediment pre-filter, other UV systems require you to purchase a pre-filter separately. Sediment pre-filters usually have filter cartridges with a 5-micron rating, but lower micron rating filters are also available. Ultraviolet pre-filtration systems use wound polypropylene sediment filters for minimal pressure loss, silt, sand, rust and scale particle removal, or pleated sediment filters that are also known to offer good flow rates and have the advantage of being cleanable and reusable. Polypropylene melt blown cartridges are also widely used thanks to their high dirt-holding capacity and resistance to chemicals. Whichever type of sediment pre-filter you decide to use with your UV water filter, its efficiency in inactivating harmful bacteria will be increased once sediments are removed from water.

Make sure you get the best out of your system with a powerful and efficient pre-filtration system, and enjoy the best purified water.

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