Activated Carbon Water Filters

Activated carbon water filters have many applications in the water filtration industry. They are used in under-sink water filters either as a stand-alone filter or as part of a multi-stage filter system. Activated carbon filters are also used as pre and post-filters in whole house, reverse osmosis and UV water filters.

As a filter media, activated carbon is known for its high porosity, large surface area and highly adsorbent nature, characteristics which make it suitable for removing volatile organic compounds, chlorine, chlorine by-products, cysts, certain bacteria, pesticides and herbicides. Carbon-based water filters are also some of the best filters for tap water taste and odour improvement, and are a natural filter media that adds no chemicals or other substances to your tap water. AC filters are made from natural materials, and the most common base materials for these types of filters are wood, lignite, bituminous, and coconut shell. Coconut shell carbon filters are the most efficient type of carbon filters thanks to their outstanding capabilities to reduce organic chemicals. There are two main types of carbon filters – granular activated carbon and carbon block filters. Of these two, carbon block filters are used where a higher contaminant removal ratio is desired, while GAC filters are used in cases when higher flow rates are needed.

Whether it’s a granular activated carbon filter or carbon block filter that you are looking for, provides filters from brands such as Pentek, Watts, Spectrum, PurePro, Pure and other industry-leader manufacturers.

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