Cartridges for Puricom ZIP

The Puricom ZIP portable reverse osmosis filter relies on several filter cartridges to bring you reverse osmosis water of the utmost purity. Here you can find all the filter replacements you need including the Capsulated 75 GPD RO Membrane, the activated carbon filter, the 5-micron sediment filter and the pH remineraliser post filter. All these filters are available in different bundle configurations.

You can choose between 12-month, 24-month and full set replacement bundles. The 24-month filter pack and the full set filter pack both include the RO Membrane, which you can also purchase separately. Our replacement filter bundles are designed to save you money on buying each filter separately. Filters are grouped in each bundle to meet regular filter replacement guidelines. The Puricom ZIP’s filter replacement indicator helps you better manage filter replacements by letting you know when it’s time to change the filters.The Puricom filter cartridges are easy to replace – simply twist off the old filters and twist on the new ones.

The  ZIP is a zero installation reverse osmosis filter that eliminates the hassle that comes with the installation of traditional reverse osmosis systems, and it only requires you to plug it in, fill the supply pitcher with water, and enjoy the benefits of reverse osmosis filtered water. The novelty of this water purification system lies in the fact that it takes intricate installation procedures out of the equation and adds a portability element never before heard in relation to reverse osmosis filtration.

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