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KingLight 15 LPM 4GPM UV Quartz Sleeve

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KingLight 15 LPM 4GPM UV Lamp

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The KingLight 15 LPM 4GPM UV Quartz Sleeve fits the Kinglight 4GPM 24w UV Steriliser Disinfection System and houses the 24w UV Bulb.

Quartz sleeves can often get dirty as a result of limescale residue or perhaps why high levels of iron or manganese in the water. If your glass tube gets very dirty over the years , then you need to either clean it or replace the glass tube with this new one.

Specification: Glass Cylindrical Tube

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Model KingLight 15 LPM 4GPM UV Quartz Sleeve
SKU 245500
Brand KingLight
Daily Deal N/A
In Depth KingLight 8 LPM 2GPM UV Quartz Sleeve


Diameter: 23 mm
Length: 500 mm

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