Gravity Water Filters

Gravity Water Filters

Clean drinking water at your fingertips even in the great outdoors? Yes! Gravity water filters are zero-installation filters that have the advantage of portability and rely on the force of gravity to filter water. These filters are capable of producing high volumes of filtered water, and they are used by emergency and disaster relief organisations as well. When travelling, gravity-fed water filters can be your best ally in getting access to clean water for drinking and cooking.

Gravity filters have a double chamber construction, with one chamber placed on top of the other. The upper chamber houses the filter cartridges, and it’s where unfiltered water is poured in for filtration. The lower chamber is where filtered water ends up following filtration, and you can access it via a spigot fitted on the side of the chamber. Gravity water filters have advanced filtration capabilities, being able to remove viruses, bacteria, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, heavy metals, and a long list of other contaminants. Given that they are used for filtering water of questionable quality, enhanced filtration capabilities are an absolute must.

At, we have a large selection of gravity-fed water filters from Doulton, Berkey, Coldstream, and ProPur that come in different sizes for travelling, emergency relief situations or for use as a zero-installation counter-top water filter in your home. Gravity water filters are a reliable and affordable solution for situations where clean drinking water is not readily available.

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