Ceramic Water Filters

Need to replace your gravity water filter’s ceramic filter cartridges or looking for a natural filter media with advanced filtration abilities? Ceramic water filters have a long tradition of being used as a filter media for taste and odour improvement, but also for removing viruses, bacteria, protozoa, turbidity, cysts and other harmful contaminants. When coupled with activated carbon inserts, they can also remove chlorine, VOCs, and organic contaminants.

Just like activated carbon filters, ceramic filters are an all-natural filter media that produces healthy filtered water. They come in different shapes and sizes, and have different applications. For example, ceramic filter candles are predominantly used in gravity water filters. Ceramic filter candles have one closed end, which is dome shaped, unlike ceramic filter cartridges, which are cast open on both ends and have a tubular shape. Both types of ceramic filters are usually fitted with activated carbon inserts for chlorine and organic contaminants removal, and for providing a more comprehensive level of filtration. While these two types of ceramic filters are used in gravity water filters or under-sink filters, ceramic-based shower filters or fridge filters usually contain a blend of activated ceramic spheres encased in an ABS housing. Ceramic water filters are compatible both with gravity and pressure filters, being and efficient and affordable filter media with vast applications in the water filtration industry.

Find the ceramic water filters you need for your gravity water filter or Doulton under-sink water filter. Choose from leading ceramic filter manufacturers such as Doulton, ProPur and Coldstream.

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