Alkaline Reminalizer Cartridges

Sometimes, water pH corrections are needed either because tap water is too acidic or because certain filter systems (e.g. reverse osmosis) may produce filtered water that is on the acidic side of the pH spectrum. In all these cases, alkaline remineralizer cartridges can help make filtered water alkaline by adding trace amounts of healthy minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium to raise water’s pH level above neutral values.

Alkaline remineralizer cartridges are usually used in the last stage of the filtration process whether they are used in a whole house filters, under-sink filter or reverse osmosis filters. Reverse osmosis systems can particularly benefit from the use of an alkaline filter. The reverse osmosis filtration process removes not only harmful contaminants, but also healthy minerals, making reverse osmosis water slightly acidic. An alkaline filter can help restore and remineralize water, transforming acidic water into healthy alkaline water by raising the pH level of reverse osmosis water to values between 8 and 9.5 Alkaline filters can also be a good solution for those who are looking to have alkaline water on tap, thus, eliminating the need to buy expensive bottled alkaline water.

Here at, we provide alkaline filters and remineralizer cartridges from well-known water filter manufacturers like Ecupure and PurePro, so you can have access to pure, healthy and wholesome water irrespective of the type of water filter you use. Turn acidic tap water or reverse osmosis water into mineralised alkaline water with alkaline filter cartridges.

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