3 Way Kitchen Taps

3 Way Kitchen Taps

Traditional taps have worked the same way for generations: Hot water in one direction, cold in the other. If you want filtered water then you’ll have to either look for another tap or another water source altogether. But what if it didn’t have to be that difficult?

Lucky for you, an all-in-one solutions are finally here.If you're looking for easy installation and high-quality filtered water, 3-Way (aka "tri-flow") kitchen mixer taps provide the easiest way to get fresh filtered water every time you turn on your faucet. Used in conjunction with any type of under sink water filter, all you see is the tap –the purification system is completely hidden from view. In other words, only the 3rd lever on your faucet will let anyone know that you have a pure water source under the counter. In fact, with the latest in design and finishes – including brushed nickel and chrome – it’s never been easier to get filtered water in style.

Kitchen mixer tap designs are available in the sleek and luxurious Brita, Franke or Grohe models, all of which feature dedicated, filtered waterways that prevent purified water from mixing with unfiltered water. In this way, you'll have filtered water only when you need it - saving on filter replacement costs throughout the year. Our wide range of taps also include a variety of single lever kitchen faucets, pull out 3-way mixer units, and ceramic disc technology for the longest lasting, most versatile devices on the market. Without a doubt, these faucets are as practical as they are elegant, and a fashionable addition to any home -- ensuring filtered water every time you turn on the tap.

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