Shower filters

Shower filters

While it’s easy to understand the benefits of drinking clean water, it’s not so easy to see the damage done to both your body and shower by washing yourself in unfiltered water day after day. Chlorine, contaminants, and other chemicals that are often purposely added to the water supply dry out your skin, irritate your eyes, and can even make your hair more brittle.

For these reasons and more, the popularity and use of shower water filters has exploded over the past decade.  People around the world are realizing faster than ever the benefits of a safe shower, that leaves your skin soft and healthy and protects your hair.

Standard shower water filters use a patented filtering method which contains a specially purified component of copper and zinc alloy along with traditional anti-bacterial carbon and replaceable filter cartridges. This unique style of filtration effectively removes chlorine, dirt,micro-organisms, trace amounts of metal, and other various sediments. Using a shower water filter makes no difference to your water usage and helps your water softener to decrease the build up of lime scale on the showerhead.

Most importantly, using a shower water filter will retain the natural beauty and health of your skin, eyes and hair. Regulating the PH balance will also aid the repair of damaged hair and skin cells – not add to the damage.

The easy-to-install shower water filter can fit on any showerhead and is a simple yet effective tool you'll wish you brought sooner.

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