About Us

Here at WaterFilterShop.co.uk we want to bring you the means to be able to drink healthy, clean water. We are passionate about good quality water, and working towards helping people drink more healthily is a priority for our company. Not only do we want to help raise your awareness about clean drinking water and to keep you hydrated, we also want to promote a better environment. Let's end the generation of bottled water and stamp out its detrimental plastic pollution. You can filter water right in the comfort of your home, at just a fraction of the cost to you and the environment.

Switching from bottled water to filtered tap water has never been easier. As with any new gadget, it's easy to use when you know how and our extensive experience is now available to you through our products. Stick a filter on your taps and drink up, nothing beats the feeling of drinking truly clean water and taking an important step towards living a healthier lifestyle.

We want to supply you with the most sophisticated water filter systems in the world, from all over the world. We stock the most up to date systems, the best water filters, and long lasting replacement cartridges, with a range of great delivery options.

Let's make a start on saving the environment now, before it gets too late. In the UK last year, over 34 litres of bottled water per person were consumed. If it takes 3 times the amount of water to make one bottle as it does to fill it, clearly there is something wrong. Do the maths and change what you consume with us as your guide. Make that one small change and save your pennies, your health and your environment, all in one simple, water filtering, step. Join the water filter revolution today!