Fridge filters

Fridge filters

Refrigerator water filters or fridge filters do more than put clean, fresh tasting water conveniently at your fingertips; they reduce lead, sediments, chlorine taste and odor. And as an integrated part of your refrigerator, they provide the coolest, most refreshing water straight from the source.

With a larger water filter size, refrigerator filters are far more efficient and effective at purifying tap water than most water filter pitchers or faucet-mounted units, yet fall short of under sink filtration. Using activated carbon as the primary filter, basic refrigerator filters remove the bad taste and odor associated with chemicals like chlorine that are used by municipal water treatment plants to disinfect local water supplies. More advanced refrigerator filters may also remove a number of other contaminants, including: class I and class II particulates, lead, mercury, cysts, turbidity, herbicides and pesticides.

Installing inline refrigeration filters is relatively simple. One side attaches to the house water supply line, while the other side attaches to a line on the back of the fridge. These are good for older model refrigerators that don't already come with a built-in filter. Alternatively, snap-in water filters simply “snap into” the manufacturer’s built-in filtration system. If you already have a water filter built into your fridge, be sure to keep it working well by replacing every 3-6 months or as directed by yourmanufacturer. Better yet, our filter change reminder will do it for you! With every order, you’ll be automatically enrolled in our free filter alert system so you’ll never have to worry about replacing a filter again.

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