Fluoride Water Filter Cartridges

Fluoride water filter cartridges can help you reduce or remove fluoride from your tap water. If you live in an area where artificial fluoridation of municipal water is still practiced, and you want to make sure that the water you drink is fluoride-free, our water filter cartridges for fluoride removal will efficiently deal with this controversial chemical that is added to your tap water. Unfortunately, chemical disinfectants and other chemicals like fluoride are added to the municipal water supply without your say-so, however, water filtration gives you the necessary means to remove the chemicals you believe might be harmful to health.

These cartridges contain activated alumina, which is currently known as the most effective way of extracting fluoride from tap water. Activated alumina is a fine granular media, which is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and not prone to oxidation, and although it’s primarily used for fluoride reduction, it also reduces/removes selenium and arsenic from your tap water. Activated alumina is the most widely used filter media in fluoride water filter cartridges. Some fluoride reduction cartridges can be used as stand-alone filters in point-of-use applications or as part of a multi-stage whole house or under-sink water filtration system. If you’re worried about fluoride levels in your water and your fluoride intake, you can easily install a fluoride reduction filter or add an activated alumina filter to your existing water filter system.

Take control over the quality of your tap water and get rid of fluoride with the help of the best filter cartridges in the industry.

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