Limescale Water Filters

Preventing limescale deposits without water softeners? Yes, it’s now possible! Say goodbye with an efficient and affordable alternative to water softeners – limescale water filters.These types of water filters can be used as a stand-alone filter, can be installed as an inline water filter or used as a complementary filter cartridge in other under-sink or whole house water filter systems for softer, non-scaling water, straight from your tap. Inline limescale water filters have multiple applications, and they can be used in preventing lime-scale formation in water heaters, water coolers, ice machines, fridges or drinking fountains.

These filters are the perfect option for those who don’t want to deal with the maintenance issues posed by water softeners.  They don’t require electricity, they function without salt, and don’t have backwash systems or brine tanks. They are just like regular filters, but come with scale inhibiting features. In terms of filter media, they usually contain granular activated carbon in combination with phosphate, or they can contain pyrolox or water softening resin. Depending on the type of filter media contained by these filters, they either remove manganese and iron, or prevent limescale deposits by transforming calcium ions into calcium crystals.

While the quality of your tap water largely influences the limescale control and reduction capabilities of these filters, the efficiency of some modelsis on par with the efficiency of traditional water softener systems. Buy Watts, Pentek and Doulton scale reduction filters and enjoy the benefits of soft water without the hassle of installing and maintaining a traditional water softener system.

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