Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Unlike domestic reverse osmosis systems, commercial reverse osmosis filters come with a higher filtered water output and extra features like back-pressure protection, programmable forward flush, recycle and drain flow controls, booster pumps, etc. Some commercial reverse osmosis filters are capable of producing 450 litres of filtered water per hour, which makes them suitable for a vast range of commercial applications from restaurants to cafes and even for use in the pharma industry.

The higher filtered water output that these commercial RO filters are capable of can also benefit large country houses or any circumstance in which higher volumes of high-purity filtered water is desired. These RO filters work on the same principle as domestic reverse osmosis filters – water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane, which filters out any particles that are higher than water molecules. Reverse osmosis systems for commercial use are also equipped with additional carbon block filters and sediment filters to ensure a thorough filtration process that entails water going through several stages and passing through more than one filter media.The reverse osmosis membrane and additional filters complement each other, making sure they filter contaminants that may be missed by other types of filters. This aspect makes reverse osmosis filters the most revered and reliable water filters on the market.

The complexity, power and reliability of commercial reverse osmosis systems make them a superior choice for restaurants, cafes, dental offices, and anyone looking for a superior quality water filter that is capable of producing high-purity filtered water without restrictions in volume.

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