Osmio Kensington 3 Way Tap Ultra-Pure Filter Kit

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Osmio Kensington 3 Way Tap Ultra-Pure Filter Kit

✔ Filter reduces chlorine, taste and odour and chemicals
✔ 3 way tap with 3 years warranty

The Osmio Kensington Chrome Dual Cross 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap makes a beautiful addition to any stylish kitchen. With solid brass construction and separate internal hosing, the Osmio Kensington 3 Way Triflow Tap is a top quality tap, durable and heavy duty with a 3 year long warranty.

The tap dispenses hot, cold and filtered water, ensuring the filtered water is never mixed with the unfiltered water. Filtered water is dispensed via a third central lever, so you can be sure you won't get it mixed up (especially useful if you have kids).

You can buy this elegant tap with any of our water filters - you will find the range in the Accessories section.

Dimensions & Technical Drawing

Filter System

The WRAS approved Spectrum Carbon Block filters use coconut carbon filtration technology to maximize the carbon capacity and prevent channelling whilst maintaining a low pressure drop leading to more efficient water filtration.

Spectrum 10" Carbon Filter Specifications:

Construction Notes
1. Outer polypropylene wrap extends the life of the block by preventing premature plugging.
2. Carbon block extruded from acid washed bituminous activated carbon.

Materials of Construction

Carbon Type: Acid Washed Bituminous
End Cap: Polypropylene
Gasket: Silicone (EPDM/Buna-N)
Core: Polypropylene wrap
Netting: Polyethylene

Technical Data
Micron Ratings (μ) 5
Lengths (") 9¾
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 82
Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) 17
Chlorine Reduction (L)
Standard Diameter 9¾" - 6,000 L

Length (nominal mm) 248
Outside Diameter (nominal mm) 65
Inside Diameter (nominal mm) 28

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Money Back Guarantee & 3 Year Warranty

All the Osmio 3 Way Taps come with our extended 3 year warranty and we also stock replacement parts and valves to ensure your tap will be in good working order. We often get asked by customers whether they can see it in person before buying, which we cannot do as we are an internet based retailer. For this reason we can offer the best prices but also a no quibble guarantee, so if you want to return the product to us for whatever reason you will receive a full refund.

Additional Information

Model Osmio Kensington 3 Way Tap Ultra-Pure Filter Kit
Brand Osmio
Daily Deal No
In Depth Water Pressure & Flow Chart

This tap will produce the following flow rates according to the incoming pressure on both hot and cold:

0.5 bar - 0.6L/M/0.5 bar - 0.6L/M
1.0 bar - 2.4L/M/1.0 bar - 2.4L/M
1.5 bar - 6.0L/M/1.5 bar - 5.4L/M
2.0 bar - 7.2L/M/2.0 bar - 6.0L/M
2.5 bar - 8.0L/M/2.5 bar - 7.6L/M

It is therefore recommended that this tap only be used on a pressurized hot water system. It may be used on a gravity fed hot water system provided the incoming pressure produces a flow rate that is acceptable to you, or if the gravity fed hot water system is pumped and pressurized.

Tap base hole size: 35 mm

Slight vertical movement between the spout and base to prevent early seizing up and stiffness of the spout over time