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Watts Pro 4.5 x 20 Inch Triple Whole House Water Filter System

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Replacement Filters for the Osmio Pro 4.5 x 20 Inch Triple Whole House System

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he Watts Pro 4.5 x 20 Inch Triple Whole House Water Filter System is a excellent solution for whole house filtration particularly for larger households where particles and sediment is a significant issue.

The system consists of three 4.5 x 20 Inch filters. The first two are Watts Flow-Max Pleated Cartridges providing a steady reduction in Micron size. These are 20 Micron and then 5 Micron. The Pleated Cartridges are made of 100% cellulose free synthetic media for increased dirt holding capacity, longer life and reduced filter costs. No additives or binders are used. Flow-Max cartridges are pleated for increased filter area, high flow and low pressure drop. The engineered filter media is highly efficient to provide superior filtration.

The third filter is the 4.5 x 20 Inch Watts 5 Micron Carbon Block, the best carbon block produced by Watts Water Technologies. This is a top-of-the-line coconut shell carbon block filter cartridge for chlorine, taste, odour and further sediment reduction.

Competitively priced!
Outperform GAC cartridges four ways:

  1. Superior chlorine reduction
  2. Lower pressure drop.
  3. Will not channel
  4. 4. Lower cost

Media wrap between centre tube and carbon block to reduce carbon fines.
100% Coconut shell Carbon.
Up to 99% chlorine reduction - at 2ppm.
FDA grade components & materials.

Together these filters improve the water in several ways through removing sediment, dirt, turbidity, limescale, rust, sand, silt, chemicals and other common particulates and impurities

How to change the filters on your whole house water filter system

Changing the filters on your whole house system is remarkably easy with no plumber necessary. Watch this short instructional video to see how it done:

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