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Watts Pro 4.5 x 10 Inch Scale Treatment and Chlorine Filter System

Add replacement cartridges:

Pure 4.5 x 10 Inch Carbon Block 5 Micron


Osmio 4.5 x 10 inch Siliphos Softening Resin Cartridge

Optional extras:

Sanitisation Kit for Water Filters

Installation service

Whole House Filter System/Water Softener System Instalation

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Manufacturer : Watts


Watts Pro 10 inch Softening and Chlorine Removal System Water Filter is ideal for homes needing scale treatment and filtered water. The Watts Pro 10 inch Softening and Chlorine Removal System transforms calcium ions so they do not bond to any surface and removes chemical disinfectants such as chlorine and THMS.

The first filter is the Watts ScaleNet® Treatment Cartridge which transform Calcium ions into Calcium crystals,which are then stable and cannot attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware or heat exchanger components. The crystals are so small theyare easily rinsed away by thewater flow. Unlike traditional water softener, the water is completely drinkable with calcium remaining.

The second filter is the Watts Carbon Block which is a top-of-the-line coconut shell carbon block filter cartridge for chlorine, taste, odour and sediment reduction

Competitively priced!
Outperform GAC cartridges four ways:

  1. Superior chlorine reduction
  2. Lower pressure drop.
  3. Will not channel
  4. Lower cost

Media wrap between center tube and carbon block to reduce carbon fines.
100% Coconut shell Carbon.
Up to 99% chlorine reduction - at 2ppm.
FDA grade components & materials.

This system is perfect for the needs to homes in the UK. It will tackle the scale and chemicals in your water so your appliances will last many more years and you can bathe and shower in luxury water. This system would be more suitable to supply a kitchen only or a small house or flat. For medium sized and larger homes, please visit the larger ScaleNet Treatment systems.

The following video will give you a good idea how the system would be installed. It shows a dual 20" system installation, as opposed to a 10" system and instead of a pleated cartridge, you just put in the ScaleNet cartridge.

Additional Information

Model Watts Pro 10 inch Scale Treatment and Chlorine Filter System
SKU Watts Pro 10 inch Scale Treatment and Chlorine Filter System
Brand Watts
In Depth Housing Specification:

Straight thread design on sump EPDM O-ring
Max Pressure: 90 psi (6.3 bar)
Max Temperature: 125°F
Service Flow Rate: up to 35 GPM @ 60 psi
Inlet/Outlet: 1"
Housing Options: Pressure Relief
Height: 14 "
Width: 7-1/4 "
Cap : Polypropylene
Sump: Styrene Acrylonitrile
Button Assembly 300 series stainless steel, EPDM, Polyproylene
O-Ring: EPDM

About Each Filter:

Filter 1:

Watts 10"X4.5" Big Blue Coconut Carbon Block 5 Micron Filter
Reduces Chlorine/Taste/Odor (CTO) and certain Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) from drinking water using coconut base carbons for a sweeter taste.
Great dirt holding capacity
No carbon fines
Maximizes carbon capacity & maintains a low pressure drop
Removes :
Bad Taste & Odour
Micron Rating: 5 Nominal
Dimensions: 10" x 4.5"
Operation Temperature: 40°F to 145°F
Filter Media: Coconut Base Carbon
Netting: Polypropylene
Filter Life: 10,000 Gallons; Recommended filter change every 6 months.

Filter 2:

The Watts Scalenet media is maintenance free, chemical free and salt free and does not require regeneration or backwashing. The Scale Net media has all the scale prevention advantages of an ion exchanger, for example the amount of soap and detergents needed is smaller. There are no more spots on dishes, bathroom tiles, etc. The Scale Net reliably transforms the
calcium ions into calcium bonds. These bonds are stable and cannot attach to surfaces, hardware, etc. The crystals are rinsed away by the water flow. The size of the bonds is so small that they can only be seen with a microscope. Therefore the effect is the same as if the water was completely free of calcium.

Tests lasting several years showed that the bonds cannot attach to any kind of surface and the result is a 100% scale prevention. Also other ions can no longer attach to surfaces because of the structure of the surface created by Scale Net. Because the ions are formed into stable bonds, the TDS is thus lowered. Please note that a TDS meter does not directly measure the total dissolved solids, but rather the conductivity. It cannot distinguish between bonds and dissolved solids, therefore it is not suitable for this system.

Appearance: Small light yellow/beige balls
Moisture Content - 24 to 28%
Density - 1,18 to 1,22
Weight - 650g/L
Media Particle Size - 550 to 750 μm
Small Media Particles < 0,300 mm: maximum 3,0%
Large Media Particles > 1,180 mm: maximum 5,0%
Change in Volume Maximum 60%
Capacity 1 Liter Scale Net media for 4.0 gal/min water flow.
Daily use Media can be used 12 hours a day, no need for regeneration or back flushing
when the direction water flow goes upwards.
Lifetime is usually 3 years but can be 5 to 7 years depending on the amount of chlorine in the water and whether it is being used for a kitchen, small house or flat or on a medium to large home.
Operating Temperatures 41 F to 140 F
pH Range 6.0 to 9.0

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