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Spectrum SCW-5-9¾" 870 Carbon Wrap Filter 5 Micron

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Capable of removing sediment and other fine particulates throughout its media, this dual stage cartridge also works to reduce odours, remove water pigmentation and other volatile organic compounds.

Combining the advantages of both a high dirt loading depth cartridge with the adsorption capabilities of a granular activated carbon, the media used in the construction of the SPECTRUM SCW is a unique combination of powder activated carbon, impregnated into a cellulose fibre that is formed into a sheet and wrapped around a polypropylene core, supported by an outer of polyethylene netting.

Key Product Features:

  • Cost Effective alternative to Pentek C1 cartridge
  • Ideally suited to drinking water and pre reverse osmosis applications
  • Dual purpose filter which removes sediment, chlorine, taste and odour

Additional Information

Model Spectrum SCW-5-9¾" 870 Carbon Wrap Filter 5 Micron
SKU SCW-5-9¾
Brand Spectrum
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