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Scalemaster Softline 150 Non-electric Metered Water Softener

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The Scalemaster Softline 150 represents a new approach to household water softeners. The Softline 150 unit is non electric, which eliminates any problems to do with electrical installation compliance. The unit operates purely through the hydraulic pressure on the incoming water. As a result, the softener will be able to function even during blackouts or power cuts, ensuring softened water anytime. Due to being non-electric,The Softline 150 has no motors and no wires. The moving parts are operated by dynamic pressure above 0.8 bar.

The Scalemaster Softline 150 has taken proven technology and greatly improved it. The Softline 150 has been designed to be easier to install and operate than other water softeners on the market through the use of an innovative ’clip-connection’ system and a patented design integrated bypass valve.

The 150 features integrated screens, packed bed technology and use of an ISO-Standard resin to allow fr efficient softening at a high water flow rate, ( and low pressure drop), unachievable by many other softeners.

The Softline 150 unit is one of the most efficient softeners on the market. Through it’s advanced technology, the Softline 150 typically only uses 330 grams of salt and 18 litres of water for every regeneration making it one of the most environmentally friendly water softeners on the market today. Water usage is less than 4% per regeneration which meets the minimum performance requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes published by the Buildings Research Establishment.

Key features and benefits:

Non-electric system:
The 150 operates purely through the hydraulic pressure on the incoming water. As a result, the system needs no electricity which eliminates any problems cause my blackouts or to do with electrical installation compliance.

Easy to install:
Due to its unique and innovative 'clip-connection' system, the system is a lot easier to install than other softeners on the market.

Compact design:
The 150 has been designed to be able to fit into a standard sized kitchen cabinet, and also other areas in the house where space can be an issue.

Requires minimal programming:
The 150 only requires you to set the water hardness level for your area and then the system is ready to use.

Environmentally friendly:
The 150 is designed to only use 330 grams of Salt and 18 litres of water during regeneration.

High test Standard:
The Softline 150 is WRAS approved and all valves are wet tested before leaving the factory.

High flow rates:
Nominal flow rate (1 bar loss of pressure) 25 litres per minute (1500 litres per hour).

High reliability:
Fabricated from high grade engineering materials, the Softline 150 will deliver quality softened water for many years to come.

Additional Information

Model 150
SKU 900100
Brand No
In Depth Width: 240mm

Height: 470mm

Depth: (Including Bypass) 535mm

Depth: (Excluding Bypass) 464mm

Resin Volume: 3.3 Litre

Connections: 3/4"

Minimum Water Pressure (Dynamic): 1.0 Bar

Maximum Water Pressure: 6 Bar

Nominal Flow Rate (1 Bar Pressure Drop): 25 litres per minute

Maximum Flow Rate: 42 litres per minute

Exchange Capacity: 750 Litres

Salt Consumption: 330 Grams

Water Consumption: 18 Litre

Duration of Regeneration: 10-12 Mins

Warranty: 5 years manufacturers warranty

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