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Osmio DI Resin Filter for the Osmio HT+ Direct Flow

This DI resin filter is the replacement Osmio HT+ Dental & Lab Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System. Ensure the best quality water for your practice!
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DI resin replacement filter for the Osmio HT+ Dental & Lab

Ready-to-use cartridge

100°C Non-regenerable

✓ High quality mixed bed resin

The DI resin replacement filter for the Osmio HT+ Dental & Lab is designed to ensure the highest capacity and most efficient operation to create pure deionised water. The type 1 strong-acid cation and strong base anion mixture, the resin bed of the Osmio HT+ Di resin filter is specially selected to ensure low conductivity values, which make it suitable for applications where a water quality of 0.1 microSiemens/cm is required.

Easy to handle, ship and store, the DI resin replacement filter for the Osmio HT+ Dental & Lab comes well packaged to ensure safe transportation of the filter

Applications and industries include: reverse osmosis, chemical and photographic labs, water conditioning for steam irons, top-up of car batteries, stain prevention in the glazing industry, cleaning of glassware, window washing/water-fed poles and for use in hospitals.

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