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Replacement Filter Cartridges for the Watts KWIK Change Triple System

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Kwik-Change cartridges are removed with a single 1/4 turn. It’s so easy! Cartridges have double o-rings to prevent leakage and the system shuts off automatically for easy replacement.

The replacement pack for the KWIK Change Triple includes:

  • 1x 10 in. 5-micron sediment prefilter
  • 1 x 10 in. activated carbon block
  • 1 x 10 in. hollow fiber membrane (ultra-filtration)

The filters and cartridges carry the Water Quality Association QA Gold Seal and are certified to NSF / ANSI Std. 58

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Check out the video on how easy it is to replace the KWIK change filters:

Additional Information

Model Replacement Filter Cartridges Pack for the Watts KWIK Change Triple Water Filter System
SKU KWIKkit3-rep
Brand Watts
In Depth Filtration:
First stage - 10 in. 5-micron sediment prefilter;
Second stage - 10 in. activated carbon block;
Third stage - 10 in. hollow fiber membrane (ultra-filtration)

The price includes VAT, free UK delivery, aftercare and installation support. We send you reminders when your filters need to be changed so you don't have to worry about it.

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