Purolite 40L Duplex Water Softener 10 x 44 Inch 27 LPM

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SKU: OS1044
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Duplex softeners are designed to supply softened water in situations where a continuous and uninterrupted supply of softened water is required. These systems therefore have a twin tank, so that there can always be one tank in service while the other thank is running a regeneration back wash or on standby, thereby guaranteeing a 24/7 soft water production.

Our range of Duplex Water Softeners use high grade Purolite C100E Cation Softener Ion-Exchange Softener Resin, NSF certified Minerals Tanks and the world's most reliable and well-established softener valve on the market today, made in the USA the Clack Valve, so you can ensure you are only buying top quality, reliable and cost effective equipment.

Duplex Water Softener Specification

Model number: OS1044

Mineral Tank Size (Inches): 10 x 44

Softener Resin Volume (litres): 40

Service Flow (m3/hr): 1.6

Volume between Regens @ 300ppm (m3): 6.6

Unit comes supplied with:

1. 2 off 1” Clack Metered Softener Control Valves

2. 1 off 1" Clack Motorised Alternating Valve (with duplex fittings)

3. 2 off appropiate sized NSF certified mineral tanks

4. 2 off 1" risers with bottom distributors attached and top baskets

5. 2 off Clack 1" bypass valve assemblies

6. Either 1" or 3/4" BSP adaptor kits – please specify

7. Appropiate volume of Softener Resin

8. Clack wrench for valve maintenance

9. No Salt

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