Osmio 4.5 x 10 Inch Carbon Block 5 Micron

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SKU: CTO 4510-05
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Pure 4.5x10" Carbon Block Cartridge

The carbon range delivers a genuine balance between chlorine absorption, high dirt-holding and value for money. Suited to processes where the life of the carbon is never fully used. A carbon cartridge manufactured from acid washed bituminous Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and extruded into a carbon block format. Constructed with an outer polypropylene wrap that protects and extends the life of the carbon block, capturing particles and preventing premature plugging. Top-of-the-line carbon block filter cartridge for chlorine, taste, odor and sediment reduction.

• Competitively priced!

• Outperforms GAC cartridges four ways: 1. Superior chlorine reduction, 2. Lower pressure drop., 3. Will not channel, 4. Lower cost

• Media wrap between center tube and carbon block to reduce carbon fines.

• 100% Coconut shell Carbon.

• NSF Approved Product

Additional Information

Model CTO 4510-05
SKU CTO 4510-05
Brand Watts
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In Depth Product Code:
CTO 4510-05

Chlorine Reduction (litres):
> 12,000 US gallons@ 2.0 gpm

Flow (lpm):
7.6 - Initial @ Flow* 4.0 psid @ 3.5 gpm

Initial p (bar):

Length ("):

Diameter ("):

10" Carbon Filter Specifications:

Construction Notes
1. Outer polypropylene wrap extends the life of the block by preventing premature plugging.
2. Carbon block extruded from acid washed bituminous activated carbon.

Materials of Construction

Carbon Type: Acid Washed Bituminous
End Cap: Polypropylene
Gasket: Silicone (EPDM/Buna-N)
Core: Polypropylene wrap
Netting: Polyethylene

Technical Data
Micron Ratings (μ) 5
Lengths (") 9¾
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 82
Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) 17
Chlorine Reduction (L)
Large Diameter 9¾" - 24,000 L

Length (nominal mm) 248
Outside Diameter (nominal mm) 107
Inside Diameter (nominal mm) 28