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PurePro Pro6000 KDF shower filter
PurePro Pro6000 KDF shower filter
PurePro Pro6000 KDF shower filter
PurePro Pro6000 KDF shower filter

Pro 6000 shower filter

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Why Choose the Pro 6000 Shower Filter?

The Pro 6000 shower filter is a chlorine shower filter that also targets various other tap water contaminants that may irritate the skin, eyes, or that may dry or damage your hair. Besides chlorine, this shower and bath filter also removes sediments, arsenic, mercury, and iron. It effectively removes bad odours, transforming your shower time into the pampering experience it’s supposed to be.

Here are the top benefits you can enjoy with the Pro 6000 chlorine shower filter:

✓ Safer Water: Daily exposure to tap water contaminants can have various unwanted effects like skin dryness, itchiness, irritation,

rashes, etc. A bath filter can eliminate dryness-causing contaminants leaving your skin smoother and healthier;

✓ Safer Air: When bathing, your exposing not only your skin to chlorine, but your respiratory system as well. Inhaling chlorine while

bathing can irritate sinuses or cause asthma attacks;

✓ Healthier Skin and Hair: Infants, people with sensitive skin, or those suffering from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis can enjoy

chlorine-free showers and baths;

✓ Durability: The filter is rated for 30,000 litres. The antibacterial carbon within the shower cartridge prevents bacterial growth within the


✓ Easy Installation: The Pro 6000 can be easily installed on the shower arm, or it can be attached on the shower hose without the need

for any tools;

✓ Easy Cartridge Replacement: Unlike most shower filters that are replaced in full after the end of their service life, this chlorine shower

filter has a replaceable filter cartridge. It is recommended to change this filter cartridge every 6 months.



  • Model: PRO6000
  • Capacity: 8000 gallons

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