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Potability Plus Fluoride Suite Water Testing Service

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This test is exactly the same as the Potability Suite Water Test, but also includes testing for Fluoride.

Osmio Water have partnered with South East Water Scientific Service’s state-of-the-art laboratory to offer you preferential rates on all of your water quality testing and sampling. Together we offer a hassle free, friendly and professional water quality testing services so that you can ensure you know what is in your private water supply, treat the water according to your need and desires and also comply with the relevant regulations.

The Potability Suite package is a water quality testing service which we would recommend being undertaken at least quarterly, suitable for both domestic and commercial requirments, tests for a range of area of microbiology, parisitology, and chemistry.

It is beneficial to have the Potability Suite Water testing Service in order to check that there are no significant issues that need to be addressed which could cause long term health problems. It may also be worthwhile assessing the likelihood of cryptosporidium / giardia entering the water supply if you are on or near agricultural land or the supply is surface water influenced.

The Potability Audit Suite package offers you a fast and flexible service and is suitable for the following private water supply tests:

- Borehole water testing

- Well water testing

- Stream water testing

- Lake water testing

- River water testing

- Any other private water supply testing

We recommend that the Potability Suite Water Test is carried out at least quarterely. It is especially important to test in the warmer summer months. This is because these months can often see a rise the concentration of contaminants in your private water supply.

According to The Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009, Local Authorities are required to carry out a risk assessment of a private supply to a single dwelling not used for any commercial activity if requested to do so by the owner or occupier of that dwelling. If your Borehole, Well, Stream or any other private water supply is solely for your own requirements the need for testing is at your own discretion. Regulations are however being developed to ensure private households with private water supplies are undergoing regular testing to ensure there is no human health risk to visitors of the private property. We would strongly recommend that any private water source is regularly monitored (at least quarterly) for basic microbiological and chemical parameters and for your own peace of mind. These parameters are subject to change dependent on transient factors such as the climate, weather and anthropogenic influences.

If your private water supply is being used for any other purposes (other than your own personal use) e.g. B&B, Holiday Cottages, Staff Canteens and so on, then the Private Water Supply Regulations will apply.

The Full Audit Suite Water Testing is a comprehensive audit suite, which may initially be required by the local authority under the Private Water Supply Regulations, as part of an on going monitoring programme. If you are unsure about this, contact your Local Authority Environmental Services Department.

South East Water Scientific Services Laboratory are certified by the UK Accreditation Service.

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Model Potability plus Fluoride Suite Water Testing Service
SKU Potability plus Fluoride Suite Water Testing Service
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In Depth The Potability Suite Water Testing service includes individual tests for the following parameters:

E. coli & total coliforms
Clostridium Perfringens (including Spores)
Colony Count 24hrs at 370C
Colony Count 3days at 220C
Total Hardness

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