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Osmio Cosmo Long Reach 3 Way Tap Ultra-Soft Kit

Add replacement cartridges:

Osmio 2.5 x 10 Chlorine & Limescale Filter Dual Pack

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Manufacturer : Watts



Osmio Cosmo Long Reach 3 Way Tap Ultra-Soft Kit

Unbeatable valve and 3 year warranty for piece of mind!!

Filter reduces chlorine taste and odour, limescale and hundreds of other unpleasant chemicals

Only £19.99 annual cost to maintain

Super easy filter changes every 6 months and free change email reminders

This long reach 3-way triflow tap enables you to easily connect your hot, cold and filtered water into one stylish solution whilst enabling easy reach. Get the elegant and stylish Cosmo Long Reach 3 Way Triflow Kitchen Tap for an excellent addition to your home kitchen.

The Osmio Cosmo Long Reach 3 Way Triflow Kitchen Tap has a separate spout for dispensing the filtered water, so you can be sure your filtered water will not be mixing with any unfiltered cold or hot water.

Get this stylish tap with any of our point of use drinking water filter systems. Simply add any water filter system to your order!

The tap is also available in brushed finished and also white finish


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Filter System

✔ Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) – for chlorine, taste and odour reduction

✔ Phosphate – for scale inhibition

✔ De-alk resin – for temporary hardness and heavy metal reduction

The Watts 2.5 x 10 GAC/Phosphate & De-Alk Filter incorporates granular activated carbon (GAC) which is combined with Phosphate and De-alk resin. The filter is effective against chlorine, taste and odour, heavy metals e.g. lead, and will also tackle hard water, which is seen as limescale in kettles and as an unsightly scum on the surface of hot drinks. Water hardness varies greatly depending upon location, so the filter will need to be replaced at 3 - 6 monthly intervals or longer all of which entirely depends on the hardness of your water and the amount you use.

We recommend your flow rate not exceed 4 LPM for the best contact time and filtration.

Additional Information

Model Osmio Cosmo Long Reach 3 Way Tap Ultra-Soft Kit - Pallas 3 Way Tap
Brand Osmio
Daily Deal Yes
In Depth Comes complete with fitting kit and filter system

Tap Specification:

Material - Polished Chrome
Overall height 193cm
Maximum reach (from tap centre to spout centre) 235mm
Top lever operates hot/cold water
Tap base hole size: 33 mm

Water Pressure & Flow Chart

This tap will produce the following flow rates according to the incoming pressure on both hot and cold:


0.5 bar - 2.0L/M / 0.5 bar - 1.4L/M
1.0 bar - 5.2L/M / 1.0 bar - 4.0L/M
1.5 bar - 8.0L/M / 1.5 bar - 6.0L/M
2.0 bar - 8.4L/M / 2.0 bar - 8.0L/M
2.5 bar - 8.8L/M / 2.5 bar - 8.6L/M

It is therefore recommended that this tap only be used on a pressurized hot water system. It may be used on a gravity fed hot water system provided the incoming pressure produces a flow rate that is acceptable to you, or if the gravity fed hot water system is pumped and pressurized.

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