Osmio Chlorplus Whole House Filter System

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Osmio Flow Max 5 Micron 4.5 x 10 inch Pleated Cartridge


Chloramine Reduction 0.5 Micron Carbon Block 4.5

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Osmio Chlorplus Whole House Filter System

The Osmio Chlorplus Whole House FIlter System is designed for chloramine removal for the whole house or can be used for any point of use (i.e. under sink).Chloramine is commonly used in low concentrations as a secondary disinfectant for mains tap water treatment, as an alternative or in addition to regular chlorine disinfection.

Chloramine is fast becoming a disinfection chemical of choice amongst water treatment companies due to the fact that it produces fewer regulated total halogenated disinfection by-products. However, the main concern here is that it can produce greater concentrations of unregulated iodinated disinfection by-products and N-nitrosodimethylamine. Both iodinated disinfection by-products and N-nitrosodimethylamine have been shown to be genotoxic.*

* Richardson, Susan D.; Plewa, Michael J.; Wagner, Elizabeth D.; Schoeny, Rita; DeMarini, David M. (2007). "Occurrence, genotoxicity, and carcinogenicity of regulated and emerging disinfection by-products in drinking water: A review and roadmap for research". Mutation Research/Reviews in Mutation Research

Standard activated carbon filters are not effective at the removal of chloramine because they require a very long contact time (meaning the amount of time the water is exposed to the filtration media at the current flow rate), which means a large volume of carbon is needed. For thorough removal, up to four times the contact time of catalytic carbon may be required.

The Chlorplus filter is designed to remove chloramines and chlorine effectively and filters down to 1 micron. The filter life varies according to the amount of chloramine in the water:

Chloramine Reduction @ concentration of 2ppm to 0.5ppm: 946350 litres
Chloramine Reduction @ concentration of 1ppm to 0.1ppm:: 36800 litres
Chloramine Reduction @ concentration of 3ppm to 0.5ppm: 13250 litres

The first filter in the full system is a 5 micron pleated sediment filter which filters particles and sediments to 5 micron, an effective pre-filter to protect the Chlorplus filter. This cartridge uses a chemically resistant pleated polyester media which provides increased surface area and longer life and the benefit of being cleanable and reusable.

This system comes supplied with 2 full flow blue housings with 1" BSP female ports, brackets with screws and large housing spanner. Full dimensions for these housings can be found in the section below.

Download the Osmio Whole House Water Filter Systems Manual

Download this manual which covers the complete installation and maintenance guide for the entire Osmio Whole House FIlter Systems range.

Download Osmio Whole House Filter Systems Manual

Additional details:

Ideal for medium/large home with pipework up to 1” diameter.

Drink filtered water from any tap throughout the house. No need for filter jugs or separate drinking faucet.

No ongoing maintenance or need to backwash system. Merely replace cartridge at end of life at low cost.

Post filter required for polished water and removal of sediment including dust, rust and other particulates.

The complete package comes with 2 filters in total:

5 Micron 4.5 x 10 inch Pleated Cartridge - average lifespan 6-18 months depending on level of sediment
Chloramine Reduction 0.5 Micron Carbon Block 4.5 x 10 Inch Chloramine Filter: 10" filter length with a 4.5" Diameter.
Full Kit includes filters, full flow blue housings with 1" BSP female ports, brackets with screws and large housing spanner.

Housing Specifications:

Straight thread design on sump EPDM O-ring
Max Pressure: 90 psi (6.3 bar)
Max Temperature: 125°F
Service Flow Rate: up to 35 GPM (US) @ 60 psi
Inlet/Outlet: 1"
Housing Options: Pressure Relief

Each Housing has the following dimensions (there are two housings in total)
Height: 14 "
Width: 7-1/4 "

System is supplied as two separate housings to enable greater flexibility when installing the system (e.g. when installing in an L-Shape or one on top of the other).

Cap : Polypropylene
Sump: Styrene Acrylonitrile
Button Assembly 300 series stainless steel, EPDM, Polypropylene
O-Ring: EPDM

Flow rate: filtration designed to work up to a peak of 40 litres per minute.