NanoCeram® 0.2 Micron Pleated Filter 4.5 x 20 Inch

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Due to their unique construction, the NanoCeram® 0.2 Micron Pleated Filter (4.5 x 20 Inch), with their very high surface area offer:

- Very high flow rates

- Very low pressure loss

- Very high dirt holding capacity

- 5 log reduction for cysts

- 5 log reduction for pathogenic bacteria”

Each NanoCeram® pleated filter cartridge is designed to satisfy the most difficult requirements in water treatment. By using the scientific principal of electropositive attraction/capture, NanoCeram® technology leads to a rapid and highly efficient adsorption of virtually all particle sizes.

NanoCeram®’s media has a high capacity for particles as large astens of microns or as small as a few nanometers. Each NanoCeram® Filter Cartridge exhibits a rating of 0.2μ . . . a rating typically associated with ultraporous membranes. Yet NanoCeram® flow rates are hundreds of times greater than such membranes.

Additional Information

Model NanoCeram® 0.2 Micron Pleated Filter 4.5 x 20 Inch
SKU NanoCeram® 0.2 Micron Pleated Filter 4.5 x 20 Inch
Brand Watts
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In Depth Pre-filtration: Required
Housing Size Required: 4.5" x 20"
Cartridge Size: 4.5" x 19.75"
Capacity: 120,000 litres
Material: Nanofibre
Life Span: Average 12 months
Max Flow: 190 Litres p/m
Dry Weight: 1.2 Kg
Principal applications: POE (point of entry, residential use)

Thermally bonded blend of micro-glass fibres & cellulose infused with nano-alumina fibres in a non-woven matrix creates an electro-positively charged depth filter media. When assembled into a pleated cartridge, NanoCeram® offers a unique combination of efficiency, capacity, flow rate & low pressure drop at levels unmatched in today’s filtration marketplace.

• Silt Density Index (SDI): ≤ 0.5
• Turbidity Reduction: < 0.01 NTU until Terminal ΔP (40psi)
• Low ΔP: < 1.5psi @ 4gpm
• Efficiency: 99.9% reduction of 0.2μ particulate (monodispersed latex spheres)
• Flow Rate: 5mL/cm2/min @ 4gpm
• Dirt Holding Capacity (DHC): 572 mg/in2 (A2 Fine Test Dust)
• Cyst Retention: > 5 LRV
• Bacteria (Klebsiella terrigena): > 5 LRV
• Temperature Range: 39 - 135° F (4 - 57°C)
• Maximum Pressure: 70 psi (4.83 bar)
• Effective pH Range: 5 - 10