Lightbest UV-6 UV Lamp 25W

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Lightbest UV-6 UV Lamp 25W,GPH550T5L/4P
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Product Name: 25w UV Bulb
Placed inside a 25w UV System to removes all Bacteria , E-coli and Impurities from your waterEliminates and destroys bacteria to a factor greater than 99.999%. Specification:
Wattage: 25w


Length - 550 mm

Arc: 470 mm

Approx.Bulb Life: 9000-10000 hours / 12 months

4 pins on one end

Power: 28 Watts

Current (mA) : 425

Voltage: 68V

UV output at 1 meter

(uw/cm2): 85

(W): 8.5