1/4 Inch Push Fit to 7/16 UNS Female Thread

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1/4" Drinking Water Tap Push Fit Adapter allows you to connect 1/4" water filter pipe to 7/16" UNS water tap - Fits most type of Water Filter Taps

This fitting will allow you to fit 1/4" (10mm) water filter pipe onto a standard 7/16" (11mm) drinking tap base thread (also called the shank - this is the under-sink side which is a threaded section).

This 1/4 Inch Push Fit to 7/16 UNS Female Thread makes connecting the tubing to the tap extremely easy, which is a particular bonus when working in confined spaces.

The fitting is ideal for use with drinking water filter systems, water conditioners, ice makers, drinks coolers and RO systems.

The fitting will fit virtually all single dispensing taps and the vast majority use the 11mm thread at the base.

The fitting is suitable for use in both hot and cold water applications.

Additional Information

Model CI3208U7S 1/4 Inch Push Fit to 7/16 UNS Female Thread - For connecting 1/4" (6mm) water tubing to standard single dispenser taps
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In Depth Model # CI3208U7S


The body is produced in acetal copolymer
'O'Rings are nitrile rubber
The collet is produced in acetal copolymer with stainless steel teeth


Push-fit technology
Quick disconnection without the need for tools
High chemical resistance
Food Quality and suitable for potable liquids and pure water applications
Acetal fittings are suitable for air and inert gases and can be used on N2/CO2 mixed gas dispensing lines and in pneumatics applications and vacuum lines.