H2 Blue Hydrogen Test Kit

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Following the release of our first hydrogen product we bring to you H2 Blue. Now you can test your water for its hydrogen concentration to ensure your product is working correctly and to monitor its performance.
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H2 Blue

Use H2 Blue to detect dissolved H2 (molecular hydrogen) in your water. H2 Blue uses Methylene blue (a biological tissue dye used as an indicator in medicine). H2 Blue reacts with hydrogen rich water and turns clear when the h2 concentration is at least 0.1mg/l (ppm). Dissolved hydrogen levels can be calculated by preforming a titration where the H2 Blue reagent is added to a precise amount of water (6ml) which contains an unknows level of H2. The "blue" H2 Blue molecules react and turn "clear" in the presence of dissolved hydrogen gas (H2). As additional drops are added, the dissolved H2 molecules continue to be "consumed" until they are totally depleted. This is called the "titration endpoint". When the endpoint has been reached, additional drops will no longer turn clear, and the solution will remain blue. By counting the number of drops of H2Blue required to reach the titration endpoint , and then multiplying the number of drops by 0.1(or dividing by 10), the level of dissolved H2 gas in mg/L (ppm, parts per million) can be determined. For example, 8 drops x 0.1 = 0.8 mg/L of dissolved H2​

How does H2 Blue work?

Methylene blue is an oxidising agent which, in the present of a platinum catalyst, reacts with dissolved molecular hydrogen to produce the reduced (clear) form of methylene blue: leucomethylene blue.

Model H2 Blue
Brand Osmio
Filter Parameter No
In Depth Product Specifications:

Size: 70 x 20 mm
Net Weight: 1g
Volume: 10ml
Content: Methylene blue, platinum catalyst
Uses: approximately 50 tests
Eco formula