FT-Line VE Water Filter System

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Why Choose the FT-Line VE Water Filter System?

Bad tastes and odours, chlorine, and lime-scale are common tap water issues that can be successfully solved with the FT-Line VE Water Filter System. This water filter can double as an under-sink filter for at-home water filtration, but also as an inline filter for commercial applications. The FT-Line can be used as a coffee machine filter, vending machine filter, and drinking water fountain filter.

As for why you should consider purchasing the FT-Line VE Water Filter System, here are the features that make this inline water filter stand out:

✓ 2-Stage Filtration: The system uses two filter cartridges -- a 5-micron sediment filter and a granular activated carbon with

silico-polyphosphates filter;

✓ Chlorine Removal: The GAC filter targets chlorine and VOCs;

✓ Sediment Removal: The 5-micron sediment filter removes sand, rust, dirt, and other suspended solids or fine particles;

✓ Taste & Odour Treatment: Besides the chlorine taste and odour, this 2-stage inline water filter removes other objectionable

tastes and odours;

✓ Limescale Treatment: Thanks to the silico-polyphosphates filter, the system is capable of preventing limescale build-up in

kitchen appliances;

✓ Commercial Use: The FT-Line filter is a favourite of the catering sector thanks to its versatility. It’s suitable for vending machines,

coffee machines, espresso machines, etc.;

✓ Low Running Costs: This filter is an affordable choice for anyone struggling with hard water issues, or anyone who wants to remove

chlorine from tap water. The filter cartridges should be replaced every 6 months.

System dimensions

Additional Information

Model FT-Line VE
SKU 795453
Brand Puricom
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In Depth FT-Line VE Water Filter System

Two Ft filters with 5 μm polypropylene filtration and activated carbon with silico-polyphosphates.

Suitable for vending use and in the catering sector.

Ft-82 5 μm filter.
Ft-90 silver carbon and silico-polyphosphates filter.
2 Ft cap.
2 x 3/8” quick-connections.
3/8” valve.

Tube set.
Inlet connector 3/8”-3/8”-1/4”.
1 LPM flow restrictor.
Fixing screws included.


Box dimensions: 275 x 385 x 125 mm.
Weight: 1800 gr.
Max. pressure: 125 PSI / 8.6 bar.
Max. flow: 0.25 GPM / 1 LPM.
Service life: 2600 GAL / 10000 L.
Max. temperature: 100 ºF / 38 ºC. (refers to incoming water only)
Min. temperature: 35 ºF / 2 ºC. (refers to incoming water only)