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FT-Line 90 Coffee Machine Water Filter Starter Kit

Add replacement cartridges:

FT-Line 90 Replacement Coffee Machine Filter

Optional extras:

3/8 Stem to 3/4 Male Thread

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FT-Line 90 Coffee Machine Water Filter

Easily switch over to this from your blue tank CTU

Low running cost

Really easy maintenance

New technology, very effective!

The FT-Line 90 has been specifically designed for coffee machines and is suitable for several uses within the catering and vending applications but specifically aimed at filtration of water for espresso coffee machines.

The filter system is perfect for providing optimal protection for your coffee machine against limescale and corrosions whilst purifying the water to provide the optimal taste, odour and appearance of your coffee.

This filter is very easy to set up and maintain, you do not need to pay an engineer to change the cartridge for you, thanks to the innovative cartridge head, it’s been designed to make your life much simpler with a simple twist on and off.

The filter has a superb life of 10,000 Litres before needing a change and with the silver-impregnation of the carbon, you need not worry about using the filter for much more than 6 months.

This kit comes with the filter, bracket, screws and 3/8" push fit connectors. If you want to replace your existing CTU with this kit, then you would need to add the 3/4" male connectors for easy switching over to this unit (simply screw your 3/4" hose onto it - job done!)

System Dimensions

Additional Information

Model FTLINE90
Brand Puricom
Daily Deal No
In Depth Ft granular activated carbon filter with silver and silicon-polyphosphate. Idela for coffee machines and suitable for vending use, the catering sector and cooling water dispensers.

Prevents scaling and removes chlorine.

Ft-90 filter
Ft cap.

2 x 3/8” quick-connectors - available also with 3/4" male connectors for easy connection to washing machine hose type

1 LPM flow restrictor.

Fixing screws included.


Box dimensions: 210 x 365 x 100 mm.
Weight: 1000 gr.
Max. pressure: 125 PSI / 8.6 bar.
Max. flow: 0.25 GPM / 1 LPM.
Service life: 2600 GAL / 10000 L.
Max. temperature: 100 ºF / 38 ºC.
Min. temperature: 35 ºF / 2 ºC.

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