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EcoSoft Primo 8 litre Cabinet Metered Water Softener System

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BMB Purion High Grade Refined Water Softener Salt Tablets (25 KG)

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Whole House Filter System/Water Softener System Instalation

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Manufacturer : Ecosoft


The EcoSoft Primo Water Softener provides luxurious softened water providing a wide range of benefits.

  • Hair and skin will feel smooth and silky after your bath or shower.
  • Eliminate issues with hard scale sticking to your taps, shower screen and kitchen.
  • Cleaning will become much easier.
  • Your home appliances will last longer.

The softener uses salt which exchanges calcium and magnesium which form into lime scale with salt to give you a scale-free bathroom and kitchen and luxuriously silky water in your bath and shower. The salt is only used to 'soften' your water and does not add any chemicals into the water.

The system uses an NSF certified mineral tank.

The softener uses the world's best valve, the Clack 1" Time Clock Softener Valve. Here is why:

  • 1 Inch for superior flow in bath and shower (much better than 3/4 Inch or 1/2" which restrict flow)
  • Power-cell battery backup built into it (to ensure continuous service in case of power cuts)
  • Self-diagnostic feature for easy maintenance.
  • Very efficient design and the valve analyses your pattern of water usage and adjust itself around your patterns to ensure proper use of salt.
  • Very easy to service and clean.
  • Double backwash built-in for less sodium residual.


  • 8 litre Cabinet Softener Unit
  • 8 x 17 NSF Certified Mineral Tank
  • Clack 3/4" or 1” Metered Softener Valve (please select your preference above - comes supplied with 3/4" inlet and outlet as standard)
  • 8 litres Cation Softener Resin
  • BSP Adaptor Kit.

Download the Water Softener Installation Manual

Additional Information

Model EcoSoft Primo Water Softener 8 litre Cabinet Metered Water Softener System
SKU Water Softener 8 litre Cabinet Metered Water Softener System
Brand EcoSoft
In Depth Cabinet has the following dimensions:

Width 240mm
Length 435mm
Height 612mm (including valve), with brine well and float assembly.

Service Flow, Capacity & Salt Usage:

8 litre – service flow, 0.35 m3/hr – capacity between regeneration @ 300 ppm, 1.32 m3 – salt usage, 1.2kgs

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