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AICRO In-line filter (pack of 2)

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Ecosoft AICRO In-line filter

The Ecosoft AICRO In-line filter is commonly used and a post-filtration taste and odour filter for reverse osmosis systems. The Ecosoft AICRO In-line filter contains Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and highly effective at improving the taste and odour of water by removing chlorine, chemical disinfectants, chemical disinfectant by-products, organic materials and other parameters which create bad odours and tastes from your drinking water.

Alternatively the Ecosoft AICRO In-line filter is commonly used as a standalone filter for under-sink drinking water filter systems, as a American-style fridges filter (external type), or as a filter for boats, caravans, motor-homes, drinks machines, water coolers, ice makers and so on.

The Ecosoft AICRO In-line filter has a filter lifespan of approximately 6 months and capacity of 6000 litres - whichever comes first.

Dimensions: Length: 10" Inches; Diameter: 2" Inches

Ecosoft AICRO In-line filter has build in 1/4" push fittings making it eas connect as a fridge filter, or to any undersink system or RO system.

Additional Information

Model Ecosoft AICRO In-line filter
Brand Watts
Daily Deal No
In Depth The Ecosoft AICRO In-line filter product specifications:
Micron: 5 Micron Rating
5 (US) GPM flow rate
Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 42
Removes chlorine taste & odour from drinking water
Maximum pressure 125 PSI
Maximum temperature 100 F
Capacity: 6000 Litres or 6 months (change filter whichever comes first)
2 inches wide x 10 inches long
Built in 1/4" push fittings

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