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Eco Doser 1 Litre Replacement Liquid

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Get the Eco Doser 1 Litre Replacement Liquid for the Eco Doser Maxi and Mini Liquid Water Softener. The Eco Doser 1 Litre Replacement Liquid is used for hard water treatment of drinking water and for boilers, catering equipment, solar heating pumps and Legionella reduction. Once installed the system requires zero ongoing maintenance and only a very low annual cost of replenishing the liquid.

The water produced is 100% drinkable and completely non-toxic (being both TUV and NSF approved for being non-corrosive to pipes, heat exchange plates, heat elements, machinery and surfaces). No conventional softening salt is used and no wastage is created, therefore it is very environmentally friendly. This is the next generation of water softener which does not use salt or polyphosphates.

  • 100% non-toxic and is safe to drink
  • 100% non-corrosive
  • 100% bio-degradable within 27 days
  • Great for cold and hot water up to 150C.

What is the average running cost of a Minidos or Maxidos system?

1 litre of replacement liquid will treat 44,000 litres of water. If the average home in UK uses 120,000 litres per annum, you will use between 2 - 4 litres (or more depending on your usage which you might be able to find out if you have a water meter). So the average annual cost of upkeep is somewhere between £120 - £150 per annum on liquid.

From a cost point of view it is comparable to the cost of salt if using a conventional water softener. However there are other cost saving advantages of using the Minidos or Maxidos systems:

  • Water saving due to no backwash or flushing. Each backwash of domestic softener can use up to 100 litres of water every couple of days.
  • No maintenance or spare parts costs over life of unit.
  • Lower utility bills due to breaking down scale and preventing hard scale build up - heating bils reduced.
  • White goods last longer.

Additional Information

Model Eco Doser 1 Litre Replacement Liquid
SKU Eco Doser 1 Litre Replacement Liquid
Brand Ecopure
In Depth The Eco Doser treats water by injecting an exact amount of EcoSoft liquid into the flow of water. The Ecosoft liquid prevents formation of scale deposits and the associated hardness in water. Domestically, water will feel silkier and behave as softened water, without phosphates, silicates or sodium. Commercially, Eco Doser will prevent corrosion and malfunctioning of equipment, machinery, appliances, cooling towers, boilers and so on and provide reliable hard water treatment of drinking water and for boilers, catering equipment, solar heating pumps and Legionella reduction. The Eco Doser will assist in preventing bacterial build up in pipes which can result in Legionella.

By preventing precipitating salts from causing scale and by sequestering the Ca/Mg ions, the liquid is highly effective in stopping scale from forming - even above 120 Celsius! The liquid is highly effective whilst remaining a cost effective alternative to a conventional softener. The Eco Doser is installed in-line to the rising main or incoming mains water pipe of a property.

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