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Borg & Overström B2 Water Cooler (counter-top cold and ambient)

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Manufacturer : Borg and Overstrom



Borg & Overström B2 Water Cooler (counter-top cold and ambient)

✔ Unique and elegant design

✔ Top build quality

✔ Available in a choice of Silver, White or Black finishes.

✔ Designed for best hygiene

✔ Can be mains-fed or bottle-fed - and you can easily switch

✔ Configuration: Counter Top

✔ Dispenses: Chilled cold water and ambient water (mains water temperature)

The Borg & Overström Classic Water Cooler is a market leader water cooler unit, offering both great design and cost effectiveness. This water cooler looks good in any environment from the office to showrooms, factories, gyms and pretty much anywhere you can think of.

The B2 Water Cooler can be wither point of use (mains-fed) or used with water storage bottle. The choice is yours. As we are experts in water filtration, we would always recommend you have it mains-fed if possible as this is the cheaper, more effective and environmentally friendly option. This elegant model offers a unique bottle-conversion kit should you need to use it with a storage bottle.

The B2 is a reliable and easy to use water cooler with highly economical running costs. The water cooler features rugged build quality with metal side panels and composite front panels with an easy access door.

Offering a constant supply of freshly filtered water, this superb water cooler system uses shrouded taps for total damage protection whilst minimizing the risk of cross contamination. Hygienic wipe clean surfaces offer easy day to day cleaning.


Stainless steel tank

Thermostatic control temperature regulation

Cold power consumption: 95W

Dimensions: 475mmx325mmx380mm (HxWxD)

Dispense Height: 185mm

Cold temperature min/max: 4 to 11oC

Continuous throughput of chilled water 12L/hr at 7oC

Optional Extras

Adding the Vorigo Installation Kit

The Vorigo Installation Kit provides everything required to do a competent installation. You can simply add this to your order using the options above. The kit contains the following:

1 x V9 Filter Head (611101)

1 x V9-3 Filter Cartridge (461201)

1 x 1/4" Saddle Valve (461236)

1 x 1/4" Shut-Off Valve (462573)

2 x 1/4" Stem Elbow (462368)

2m x 1/4" Tubing (462011)

1 x 1/4"-3/4" BSP Adaptor (462154)

1 x 3/8"x1/4 Stem Reducer (462366)

Adding the Cup Dispenser

You can enhance the practicality and ease of use with our easily-mountable cup dispenser. Available with Borg & Overstrom branding or plain with no branding, this option comes with self-adhesive pads and screws, giving you a choice of assembly – for location on the side of your cooler or onto a wall. Already have a built-in cup dispenser within your cooler? These give you the opportunity to enable greater cup storage should you need it. Simply add this cup dispenser using the options about to your order.

Adding the Wall Fix System

Reduce health and safety concerns and enhance security with our Wall-fix System, acting as an anchor to secure your cooler tightly to the wall. Ideal for schools, offices, health clubs and areas of high activity.

Adding the Waste Kit

Eliminate the need for constant emptying of the drip tray. A must for high-traffic areas, this 12.5 litre high-capacity tank can be easily connected to the Borg & Overström Classic Water Cooler, storing any excess water directly from the drip tray into a container within the base cabinet.

Adding the Leak Detector

Greatly reduce the risk of water damage in the event of a leak. Whether it’™s a tiny leak on a joint or a large surge of water, this optional extra is an excellent safeguard. The specialised shut-off system senses moisture and cuts off the water supply and the electricity until re-set. Crucial for high-use areas, the leak detector gives affordable peace of mind and reassurance.

Adding the Level Sensor

Is your cooler used in a busy environment? This step up from the Integral Waste Kit connects a 10 litre tank to the drip tray and facilitates a built-in acoustic sensor to alert the user when the tank needs emptying, perfect for providing peace of mind for your valuable customers.

Additional Information

Model Borg & Overström B2 Water Cooler (counter-top cold and ambient)
SKU 106912
Brand Borg and Overström
Daily Deal No
In Depth Power requirements:
Hertz 50/Volts 220-240
Max power consumption
Cold & Ambient 100W
Cold & Hot 550W
Chilled temperature
Min 2°C/Max 11°C
Hot temperature
Max 92°C
Throughput litres per hour
Chilled 22/Hot6


Height 475mm
Width: 325mm
Depth: 380mm

Power Consumption: 95 Watts

Installation Kit: B&O Installation kit

Warranty: 1 year

The Borg & Overstrom installation kit (sold separately) contains everything you will need to carry out a proficient job. The Vorigo filter included in the kit is normally Vorigo V9-3, however if you are installing the Water cooler in a hard water area we would recommend a Vorigo V9-6 which is a scale inhibiting filter. The Vorigo V9 range of filters are interchangeable with the filter head supplied.

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