BMB Alkaline & Detox Filters for BMB-10 & BMB-20

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BMB Alkaline & Detox Filters for BMB-10 & BMB-20

The BMB Alkaline & Detox Replacement Filters Set are the post filters used on the BMB-10 and BMB-20 Alkaline & Detox Upgrade versions.

The filters help balance your body's pH and mineral levels with 100% natural alkaline mineral stones and detox technology. This replacement pack consists of two filters. The Alkaline filter is composed of a blend of alkalising minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and adds natural anion and cation minerals to your water and increases it to pH level of 7.0 - 8.5 (NB This can vary depending on other incoming water factors such as temperature, carbon dioxide levels and so on).

The Detox filter facilitates the release of toxins from the body while accumulating water to maximize cellular absorption by reducing the molecular structure.

Easy Installation + Alkaline + Detox Replacement Kit is considered to be the best combination to make the water a healthy as possible.

+ Alkaline + Detox Replacement Kit Features:

- Consists of 2 filters in total
Alkaline filter consists of 100% natural minerals and increases the water to pH level of 7.5 - 8.5.
Detox filter prevents water from accumulating toxins in the body by reducing the molecular structure
A total of 11 kinds of minerals produce the most healthy and delicious water possible
Very special ionizer technology creates Detox effect in water
- Can be used to u
pgrade your existing device model
- Up to
1 year filter life (all filters must change maximum once a year)
Produces soft water

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Model BMB Alkaline & Detox Filters for BMB-10 & BMB-20
SKU 1520145101
Brand BMB Technology
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In Depth BMB Alkaline & Detox Filters for BMB-10 & BMB-20

Filter life up to 5000 litres or one year whichever comes first.