BMB 8 Litre Luxury Digital Water Softener

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BMB-8 Luxury Water Softener is a metered, cabinet style residential water softener that is an elegantly designed, state of the art machinery with smart capabilities. The system utilizes an 8 liter resin tank for 1000 liters / day capacity and is designed to be used in point of entry to flats or before industrial grade equipment such as dishwashers, washing machines, boilers, etc.

The control valve for the BMB-8 Luxury Water Softener uses a special ceramic rotary valve that has more up-time than traditional o-ring piston based softeners. Control valve failures and frequent piston o-ring replacements are a thing of the past. The sleek and modern design of the cabinet allows the system to be protected from the environment while providing an elegant view for the user.

The system works in both metered and time based mode for minimal salt consumption, waste generation and downtime. The system also has smart capabilities, all operations except loading the system with salt are fully automatic. The proprietary software and digital screen allows for easy user interface with the system while maintaining a very high water softening efficiency and system uptime.

BMB-8 Luxury Water Softener produces the softest water possible at the highest efficiency. The elegantly designed system is one of the most technologically advanced water softening systems in the world.

  • Elegantly designed, technologically advanced cabinet style water softener
  • Fully automatic system, no manual intervention required to operate
  • Smart capabilities, decides when to regenerate for maximum efficiency
  • Works in both metered and time based mode for minimum salt consumption
  • Battery included, system can operate for 3 days without electricity
  • Special ceramic rotary valve to avoid downtime or o-ring replacements
  • Includes a mixing valve to dial in any hardness required
  • Includes installation kit and bypass valve for easy installation and maintenance

Benefits of using BMB Technology Luxury Water Softeners

  • Hair and skin will feel smooth and silky after your bath or shower
  • Eliminate issues with hard scale sticking to your taps, shower screen and kitchen
  • Cleaning will become much easier
  • Increase the lifetime of appliances

Model BMB 8 Litre Luxury Digital Water Softener
SKU 1530011001
Brand BMB Technology
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In Depth Specifications:

• Meter Delayed + Time Based Control valve
• ¾” BSPP Inlet / Outlet – ½” Drain
• ¾” bypass valve
• 110 – 220 VAC / 50-60 Hz Electricity
• 500 L / Hour capacity up to 1000 Litres / Day use
• 8 Litres NSF certified resin
• 20 cm x 43 cm NSF certified resin tank
• 20 Kg Net Weight
• Product Dimensions 44 cm (L) x 26 cm (W) x 63 cm (H)
• BSPP installation kit

Operational Specifications @ 150 PPM hardness & 500 Litres / Day consumption:

• Regeneration cycle once every 3-4 days
• 100 – 115 liters used per regeneration cycle
• 1.28 kg of salt used per regeneration cycle