AcquaSIL 20/40 Liquid for BravaDos 5kg

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Acqua Brevetti Acquasil 5kg Liquid 20/40

Limescale incrustation and corrosion are crucial problems affecting hot and cold sanitary water installations. The proportional dosage of anti-scaling and anti-corrosive products is a safe and proven technology which helps in preventing scale deposition and corrosion processes. Polyphosphates, even at
very low concentrations, are able to counteract the formation of scale and corrosion in water distribution lines.

AcquaSIL 20/40® is an aqueous solution of food grade polyphosphates specifics for the treatment of drinking water, employed for the prevention of incrustation and corrosion in water distribution lines fed with hard waters.

Once dosed precisely and proportionally by means of MiniDOS and BravaDOS, AcquaSIL 20/40® protects hydraulic circuits and heat exchanges from incrustation and corrosion.


Thanks to a mechanism known as “threshold effect”, polyphosphates, even at concentration in the range of some ppm, interfere with the carbonate crystallization phenomena hindering the formation of scale deposits. Polyphosphates also form a protective film on metal surfaces protecting them from possible corrosion.

Key features

The balanced composition of AcquaSIL 20/40® makes it particularly effective in stabilizing calcium and magnesium salts (responsible for scaling) in solution
also preventive corrosive phenomena, proving to be efficient with water having hardness in the range 5 °f and 35 °f. AcquaSIL 20/40® stabilizing properties are ensured for instantaneous temperature until 80 °C and storage temperature until 60 °C. AcquaSIL 20/40® not only protects brand new devices and hydraulic circuits but
it is also able to restore encrusted surfaces. AcquaSIL 20/40® is not classified as dangerous in the current regulation.

Intended use, use conditions, dosage

AcquaSIL 20/40® should be dosed automatically by MiniDOS and BravaDOS pumps. It can be mainly employed in domestic drinking water to protect:
boilers (DHW), heat exchangers, cold water distribution net, once through cooling system, washing machines, dishwashing machines and others
household electrical appliances requiring hot water.

Do not dose AcquaSIL 20/40® upstream of boilers with solar heating systems, the temperatures reached in these systems can lead to rapid degradation of the product resulting in loss of efficacy. ACQUASIL 20/40® must be dosed upstream of equipment to be protected.

Additional Information

Model PC003
Brand Acqua Brevetti
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In Depth Aqueous solution of polyphosphates specific for drinking water with double protective effect: anti-corrosion and anti-scaling. The precise and proportional dosage of MiniDOS and BravaDOS ensures that the concentration of phosphorus in the treated water remains below 5 mg/l.