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Acqua Brevetti BravaDos 1″ Liquid Water Softener - 75 LPM

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AcquaSIL 20/40 Liqid for BravaDos 5kg

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✓ Prevents limescale build up and corrosion for whole house (hot and cold) or individual appliances

✓ Brilliant eco-friendly non-salt alternative to a traditional water softener

✓ No waste and easy maintenance

✓ Ideal for confined spaces

✓ WRAS Approved

The Acqua Brevetti BravaDos 1" Liquid Water Softener is a compact volumetric proportional mechanical dosing pump water softening system designed to fit onto 1" or less pipes. The system simply fits onto the rising main pipe or any pipe supplying a particular device, such as a boiler.

The MiniDUE adds the precise dosage of AcquaSIL Liquid to water. AcquaSIL is a 100% safe, food grade polyphosphate used specifically for the treatment of drinking water. MiniDUE provides limescale prevention and corrosion prevention within the systems such as boilers, heaters, showers, taps, radiators, coffee machines, all plumbing fixtures and so on.

The MineDUE is a great alternative to a water softener due to it being very easy to install and to maintain as replacing the pouches is very simple and quick. The system takes up very little space compared to a traditional softener and the cost of maintenance is lower too.

The MiniDue is an eco-friendly alternative to a water softener as no water is wasted; as softeners uses thousands of litres every month to regenerate the resin - there is no need with this innovative and space saving device. It also uses no electricity and overall the system is a great innovation in the water treatment industry.

How Does BravaDos Work

BravaDos is a self-priming mechanical volumetric pump that is operated by a turbine which in turn transmits the movement to a special cam shaft that enables the liquid to rise from the refil bottle to the injection valve, where it is injected a small amount of AcquaSIL Liquid into the water as it passes through the pipe.

Because BravaDos uses a liquid solution we guarantee a sludge free operation. MiniDUE is fully compliant with European Approval EU 98/83/CE for use with drinking water. and is approved by the Italian water quality approval board under DM, no. 174, 06.04.04. The Use of AcquaSIL and specifically the use of Polyphosphates is covered by the standard UNI 8065, part 5.4.1 which indicates the use of polyphosphates for the treatment of scale deposits and corrosion.


Totally mechanically operated, no power required.
Absolute and real precise proportional dosage of liquid polyphosphate AcquaSil 2/15®.
Miniaturized in minimal size dosing station suitable for household applications.
Remote installation availability.
Versatile. The pump can be oriented in all directions, just turning it; no need to reverse or disassembly its
own parts.
No need to put in by pass or drain the system during refill operations; just replace the flexible liquid into the container.
Non return valve integrated resistant to water counter pressure.
For the first time suitable also for protection of recessed boilers!, where spaces are very restricted.

About refill

Under-vacuum suction
Can be jointly or remotely to the pump be installed
Two different sizes available (250 gr. or 1000 gr, for increasing the autonomy)
Completely isolated from hydraulic circuit

The advantages of the Under-Vacuum suction and disposable refills!

Hygienic advantages. No direct handling form end user.
No periodic tank cleaning operations required.
Effective preservation of polyphosphate quality.
No evaporation of product, avoiding water concentration reduction in the liquid solution.
No atmospheric contamination.


Additional Information

Model ADVPM014
Brand Acqua Brevetti
Daily Deal No
In Depth Product Code: PM011 - WRAS Approved
WRAS Approval Number: 1603318 - Approved Product

Connections - 1” Male BSP

Minimum flow rate - 0.15m3/h

Flow rate (P=0.2 bar) - 3.0 m3/h

Flow rate (P=0.5 bar) - 4.5 m3/h - 75 litres per minute

Min-max water hardness - 5 - 35°f (max 350 ppm CaCO3)

Max. instantaneous heating temperature - 80°C

Max temperature for stored hot water - 60°C

Tank Volume: 2500cm3 - 120 m3

250 gr refill autonomy - 10 - 11m3

1000 gr refill autonomy - 40 - 44m3

Min-max water pressure - 1.5 - 6bar

Min-max water temperature inside MiniDUE - 5 - 30°C

Width (A) - 230mm

Total height (B) - 380mm

Distance from ground (D) - 600mm

Lime deposits and corrosion are crucial problems affecting hot and cold sanitary water installations. The proportional dosage of anti-scaling and anti-corrosive products is a safe and proven technology which helps in preventing scale deposition and corrosion processes. Polyphosphates, even at very low concentrations, are able to counteract the formation of scale and corrosion in water distribution lines.

BravaDOS is a proportional electronic dosing pump designed for the precise dosage of AcquaSIL 20/40® an aqueous solution of food grade polyphosphates specific for the treatment of drinking water which prevents scaling and corrosion of hydraulic systems. BravaDOS assures a dosage lower than 5 mg/l of P2O5.

BravaDOS is a self-priming electronic volumetric pump in which pumping is controlled by an automatic electronic board which assures a dosage proportional to the water flow rate. Through a mechanism known as “threshold effect”, polyphosphates, even at concentration in the range of some ppm interfere with the carbonate crystallization phenomena hindering the formation of scale deposits. Polyphosphates also form a protective layer on metal surfaces protecting them from possible corrosion. AcquaSIL 20/40® is able to slowly dissolve old lime deposits restoring encrusted surfaces.

Certifications: The written declaration referred to in Article 15 of Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and compiled in accordance with Annex IV of the Regulations is available upon request

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