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3P Rain Tank Filtration System

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The Rain Tank Filtration System is designed to store and filter rain water ready for dispensing. These system produce clean water and store it ready for use. This Garden Rain Water System consists of the wall tank, an automatic steel pump, pump and tank connectors, a filter collector and a water level gauge. Once the tank is full, the filter becomes the outlet for the water while the filter collector diverts cleaned water to the storage tank and the excess dirty water is flushed fown the drain.

This system removes leaves thus preventing any risk of disease carry-over. It also enables the water to be pumped safely by creating less blockages in the pipe, removing sludge from the water butt as well as clearing away algae and scum.

The Garden Rain Water System is compatible with any UK down-pipe from 65mm to 100mm. It works with all water butts using a universal link kit. The filter is simply removed, cleaned and maintained with no need for removal from the down-pipe as it is easily accessible by being pulled out from the side.

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FIlter Collector

The filter collector universal connects to your existing downflow pipe and filters and diverts rainwater as it goes into your tank, giving you the best possible tank water quality. It fits tanks of all sizes and is a reliable part that works on both domestic and professional water butts up to 10,000 litres and 7mm wall thickness. The filter collector is easily cleaned thus making it highly efficient and reliable. This filter collector comes with 30cm of hose, a rubber sealing washer, a backnut and a flatbit for cutting the hole.

Additional Information

Model Rain Tank Filtration System RTS
Brand No
Daily Deal No
In Depth Capacity:
800 - 4000 Litres

Each tank has the following dimensions:
Height: 179cm. Width: 80cm. Depth: 60cm.

Pump body: Stainless Steel
Motor Body: Stainless Steel
Back Bracket: Plastic
Shaft: Stainless Steel
Class F Motor.
Plastic Front and Back covers.
Inlet:1 1/4"
Oultet: 1"
Temperature of pumped liquid from +2 Degrees C to +37 Degrees C (18 to 70 Farhenheit).

This system includes:
An 800L wall tank
A filter collector
Site guage
Garden steel pump
Tank connectors

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