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This adaptor is 3/8" push fit to 1/2" BSP connector is commonly used to connect water filter systems using 3/8" tubing to 3-Way Triflow Taps as well as Opella Saddle Valves. This connector does not require the use of PTFE tap and should be hand tightened only, do not over tighten.

The 3/8" push fit to 1/2" BSP connector fits neatly onto the end of our flexi-hoses for our range of 3-Way Triflow Taps:

The 3/8" push fit to 1/2" BSP connector is also used for Opella Saddle Valves:

Additional Information

Model 3/8" Push Fit to 1/2" BSP John Guest Push Fit Tap Adaptor
Brand DMFit
Daily Deal N/A
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Certified to NSF-ANSI 61-G & 51
Part Number: C1321214S

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