15mm x 15mm X 3/8" Slip Tee Valve

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SKU: TSTV1515M06
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This product enables you to connect a 3/8" tube to a 15 mm copper or plastic pipe and includes a shut-off ball valve for easy and quick shut off of the water flow. The product makes a fantastic and professional alternative to saddle valves.

There are two ends which feature a 15 mm push fit connection, and a T-piece which has a shut off valve with a 3/8" push fit connection.

This product uses both Push-fit and Twist-locking technology which guarantees secure leak free connections. This product is suitable for plumbing, local/home hot water supplies and central heating systems and is also compatible with a variety of piping materials, such as Copper, ePVC and PEX pipe, making it easy to combine different sorts of pipe for repairs and new installations.

Additional Information

Model TSTV1515M06
Brand DMFit
Daily Deal N/A
In Depth Easy recognition of size by colour
Easy verification of coupling (lock/unlock) status at a long distance
All white system
Removable and re-usable without damage to plumbing or fittings
Light weight for easy handling on site.
Strong gripping suitable for heating systems
Lot tracing of all products.
Flexibility enables cabling of the pipe in hard access areas.
No risk of flame or fire from a blowtorch
Permanent anti-leak connection
No corrosion
No scale deposits
Low heat diffusion ensures safe surface temperature
Plumbing flexibility reduces the risk of burst under freezing temperature
No lead, non toxic
No metal scrap value so of no interest to thieves.
Easy design of heating systems with the size classification by color
Patent Pending
No metal scrap value so of no interest to thieves.