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1/4" Push Fit to 1/2" BSP Female Push Fit Tap Adaptor

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This Speedfit 1/4" push fit to 1/2" BSP Female connector is commonly used to connect water filter systems using 1/4" tubing to 3-Way Triflow Taps as well as Opella Saddle Valves and stop valves. This connector does not require the use of PTFE tap and should be hand tightened only, do not over tighten.

The John Guest Speedfit 1/4" push fit to 1/2" BSP connector fits neatly onto the end of our flexi-hoses for our range of 3-Way Triflow Taps:

The adaptor is 1/4" push fit to 1/2" BSP connector is also used for Opella Saddle Valves:

Additional Information

Model 1/4" Push Fit to 1/2" BSP John Guest Push Fit Tap Adaptor
Brand DMFit
Daily Deal N/A
In Depth Certified to NSF-ANSI 61-G & 51
Part Number: C1320814S

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